About Murgence

About Murgence Marketing Group

Murgence is a full-service digital marketing and technology agency founded on the principles of transparency and performance. We apply our analytical skills and understanding of consumer intent to drive profitable ROI across multiple digital channels. We call it the “Murging” of innovation, imagination and strategy to help you stand out from the crowd.

Do you want more customers, better search marketing campaigns, higher ROI, profit-generating websites and overall better understanding of where your money is being spent? Murgence gives you the solutions that actually work.

Our Services

Our services

  • SEM & SEO Search Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reputation Management)
  • Mobile Advertising & Technology (Mobile Phones, Tablets, TV, Radio and more)
  • Performance Display Advertising (Retargeting & Display, Content)
  • Profit-Generating Websites (Design & Development, Measure & Track)

We deliver quality campaigns and smarter strategies for growing your business online. Now it’s up to you to let us help you grow your revenue! Fill out the form below to get started.

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